Midwest Review

Volume 6: more good contemporary writing from and about the Midwest: fresh new work by Sam Savage, Michael Martone, Sarah Fay, Nicholas Gulig, Mary Mullen, rikki santer, Hannah Craig. Fermin Calderon-Dujarric, and more.
















April 13, 2016
clouds over Madison

After the Rain

-Margaret Jankowski
April 13, 2016

Hide & Seek

O Lord, you create darkness, & it is night & her love is night, is summer girls outside while inside bride & groom sleep in stiff dominion You have never been able to love what you were supposed to love When she closes her eyes & counts, aren’t you careful […]
April 13, 2016
Artwork of a dog that says "We don't get to choose which part of ourselves we'll lose, or even to know what it is we've lost."

Revising History

– Julie Franki
April 13, 2016

A Classical Education

In the 1950s, I sat by the River Jordan, the creek meandering through the Indiana University campus, and translated. I was a DP, a displaced person, as those of us who could not go home after World War II were called, and so I might have been expected to translate […]
April 13, 2016

Two Girls

Because I am running out of ways to speak to you, I let your hands move inside me like desperate wings. I steal your light and watch it roll out, your thunder tongue, my Mississippi. You are a bridge laced over me. We are parked outside homes, dark sills where […]