Great Midwest Writing Contest Finalists

Thank you to all the writers who entered the contest, and congratulations to the finalists (in alphabetical order)!


  1. Ingrid Andersson: Hinge
  2. Gen Del Raye: Seven Mistranslations
  3. Jeffrey Gray: Last Mambo for Sandy
  4. Lisa Higgs: Millions
  5. Sara Judy: Push Her Headlong in the Direction of the Moon
  6. Sean Kelbley: Lutefisk Lays the Word of Cod on Gretchen from Edina
  7. Beth Marzoni: Don Featherstone, Inventor of the Pink Flamingo (in Plastic), is Dead
  8. Kate Murr: Gravel
  9. Shannon Nakai: Our First Time Making Love after the Funeral
  10. Clare Welsh: Seventeen in Indiana County


  1. William Auten: Sun on Snow on Mountain
  2. Leslee Becker: The Grotto
  3. Kaitlyn Burd: Battening Down
  4. Mark Clemens: Grand American
  5. Steve Fox: Ronny
  6. John Franz: The Tigers of the Night
  7. David Macpherson: The Little Market
  8. Joan Menefee: Orlando
  9. Weldon Rykman: Clean-Up
  10. Claude Clayton Smith: Helping Ruthie Die


  1. Jim Berg: Shooting Birds
  2. Gary Cooper: Captain’s Log
  3. Naomi Ernest: Seven Sisters
  4. Eileen Favorite: On Aerial Views
  5. Kirby Fields: The Book Barn
  6. Laura Johnson: Christmas in Shadowrun 1968
  7. Sondra Kline: Shotgun Wedding
  8. Dawne Leiker: Daughter of the Moon
  9. Kayann Short: Camping in the Coulee
  10. Greg Williard: Mid-America Books

The winners in each category will be selected by the contest judges: Catie Rosemurgy (poetry); Liam Callanan (fiction); B. J. Hollars (nonfiction) and announced here soon.