Great Midwest Writing Contest finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in this year’s Great Midwest Writing Contest! The ten finalists in each genre have been forwarded to this year’s judges. The winners will appear in Midwest Review 8, due out in June.

Poetry finalists
José Balesteros: My Lonesome Adventures with the Late James Kelly…
Nichole Brazleton: Finding an Entry Point
Molly Fuller: Good Girl
Sarah Gridley: A Mirror
Justin Hunt: Walking at Dusk
R. J. Keeler: On First Looking into Perelman’s Proof of Poincaré’s Conjecture
Kelsey Kerin: Novella
Robert Miltner: School Closing
Lynn Shoemaker: Invitation to an Old Man
Bonnie Larson Staiger: Surrendering

Fiction finalists
Jeff Burt: Squatting
Melanie Eisner: Nine
Lara Haynes Freed: Sun Room
Steven Fromm: Po-Ya 6
Peter Gooch: Still Life
Alissa Hattman: Under the Weather
Craig O’Hara: Man with the Rubber Head: Variations on a Theme by Méliès
Lisa Slage Robinson: Devil’s Hole Road
Rebecca Ruark: The Pearl Diver
Benjamin Shalva: Brutus

Nonfiction finalists
Carolyn Curtis: Highway 7, North Dakota
Naomi Ernest: Everything That Isn’t Gold
Pamela Fullerton: The Last Conversation
Lani Jordan: Rootless
Christine Gallagher Kearney: Meditation on Widow Lake
Jim Kelly: Denny
JoAnne Lehman: We Got the Beat
Jackie Mantey: Can’t Even Imagine
Erika Veurink: Dry Bones
Chelsea Yates: Plainsong


Final Judges: Nicholas Gulig (poetry), Abby Frucht (fiction), Agate Nesaule (nonfiction)